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The Discovery Voyager comes to you, wherever you are in northern NSW, with interactive, curriculum-aligned activities grounded in science, limited only by your imagination.

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Before making a booking enquiry, take a look at our calendar and see if we’ll be in your area when you’re thinking of having us. If we haven’t got any bookings in that week, enquire away!

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Discovery Voyager

Getting on the road

In 2016 we visited 41 schools, 3 ag field days and facilitated a Brain Break for 190 students during National Science Week. Our team engaged with over 3500 students across northern NSW!

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Physics of sound

We help students experiment with sound waves using vegetables as musical instruments, Doppler ultrasound to listen to their own blood vessels, and voice to understand principles of sound.

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Dynamic bodies

Students actively participate in a number of tests to develop a “performance profile”, using sports science equipment. This may include power assessment, vertical jump, speed, throw accuracy and grip strength.

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Curious chemistry

Why does hydrogen gas explode? How does an elephant clean its teeth? Focussing on the transition between gases, liquids and solids as well as exciting reactions, we present some great interactive experiments and demonstrations.

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The purpose of pollinators

Understand the diversity of pollinators and their incredibly important role in helping produce our food. Flies, bees and beetles all pollinate agricultural food crops, native plants and fruit and veges in your backyard.

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What’s being said…

Words from recent Discovery Voyager participants.

Discovery Voyager

How does it work?

For schools

We adapt to your bell times and class sizes. We bring one facilitator per activity, and expect that classroom teachers are present; teachers know their students better than we do, and we rely on their relationship with students to help run a smooth session, read more >

For communities

We can add something different to your community event. Get interactive, discover the processes that drive life on earth, and marvel at the nature of science. Our team can set up activities at carnivals, community events and open days to keep active minds and hands occupiedread more >

Risk Management

We understand that learning about our natural and modified world can involve some risks. We think it’s important to acknowledge these, learn how to manage them effectively while taking calculated risks with splendidly exciting outcomes in order to learn best, read more >

Learn about the activities

The UNE Discovery Voyager has developed a range of activities across all subjects to bring to your schools! We work to bring you activities that are not only fun and educational, but that align with the NSW school curriculum, read more >


In the first few years of life, human brains are making 700 new neural connections every second. During this time, the creation of positive neural pathways is most effective when cognitive, emotional and social development occurs simultaneously. So time for unrestricted imaginative play for children while they are in close contact with parents, carers and other children is an important part of this development. Tinkering, building and role play are all vital to growing confident global citizens.


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