Finding your inspiration

— Dr Kirsti Abbott

Can you remember a time when someONE inspired you? When someTHING inspired you? Perhaps you were inspired to act, or to change, or to think differently about a deeply entrenched belief. Or simply to get out of bed! Whatever it is, a moment of inspiration can be worth a lifetime of fulfilment.

It is worth thinking more about what inspires each of us individually, not only so that we can recognise what it is that accelerates us into that next plane of motivation, but so that, as educators, we can strive to create these moments for children when they need them most.

Dr Sarah Lawrence, lecturer in Latin at the University of New England, inspired hundreds of students, academics, teachers and families with her keynote speech at the Vice Chancellor’s Scholars reception in 2014. She says that inspiration can be like a slow burn, or like a lightning bolt, both leading to a state of purpose and drive to find out more.

This philosophy is how we operate at UNE Discovery.

Have a listen. You’ll be inspired.

– Dr Kirsti Abbott