Dinos After Dark

The final Science in the Club night was an extravaganza of palaeo entertainment, the science of reeeaaallly old things (including invertebrates, dinosaurs and small shelly fossils!), and a celebration of FOUR years of Science in the Club in Armidale! Held on Wednesday the 30th of October at the Wicklow Hotel, the event was timed so that Professor Flint (aka Michael Mills) could host the evening, and his colleagues, taking us on a journey of our own identity. In his words:

As we uncover the history of life on this ancient land, we may well uncover the story of how ourselves came to be. No matter our origins though, the chronicle of life in Australia is indelibly part of our story. It is a unique story that begins with the emergence of life on Earth, and continues to today. For we who dwell in the land down under it is part of exploring our own identity that drives us to ever seek to uncover the boundless and beautiful forms that came before us on these fragile, dusty plains.”

Palaeontologists Professor John Paterson, Dr Phil Bell and Dr Marissa Betts from UNE considered the evolution of life from over 540 million years ago, during the Cambrian explosion, through to the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. Their stories epitomise our natural curiosity to understand how our Earth began, and constantly changes. Their research raise so  many more questions, and make science accessible to everyone.

Keep your eyes out for Science in the Club in 2020. More science. More questions. More fun. See you there.