Introducing ‘What Animal Am I Wednesday’!

Introducing ‘What Animal Am I Wednesday’!

Each Wednesday we will be posting a picture of animal furs, spines, scales or skins from our Natural History Museum collection, and we want to challenge you to guess what the animal might be. Some might be very easy, but others might make you think a little harder – ask a friend, parent or teacher to help you!

Let’s hear from our first mystery animal who is going to give us some clues to help us along the way.

“Hello! Can you guess what I am?

I have sharp spines on my back, like you can see in the picture. My spines make it difficult for predators to kill me.
I live in Australia, but have cousins in New Guinea.
I love to eat ants.
And, my babies are called puggles!

What animal am I?”

Do you know what this animal might be? Use the worksheet below to draw your animal, then check back later to see if you were right and to discover more about the mystery animal!

What Animal Am I Worksheet (K-10)
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