🐸 Did you know some frogs can bark, quack, whistle and bleat?

Have you heard some interesting sounds coming from your backyard that you think might be a frog?

Today we’re voyaging over to our friends at the Australian Museum with a very cool national citizen science project – FrogID. Citizen science projects are activities through which volunteers and scientists work together to answer real-world questions and gather data. Using nothing but a smartphone, you can record frog calls around you that help scientists track Cane Toads and identify where frogs are thriving and where they aren’t!

Keen to be a citizen scientist and help put frogs on the map? Head to the link below to sign up and access a heap of resources to learn more about Australian frogs!

While you’re there, see if you can find the sound of a Motorbike Frog – you won’t be disappointed.

Australian Museum website