Tiger Moth

PARENTS AND TEACHERS – here’s a great way to get outside and play with your young scientists!

“What makes you curious?” with Dr. Jean.

What is something that makes you squeal with excitement and ignite your curiosity? For me, its things like tasting desserts I haven’t tried before, kittens, seeds germinating in my garden, and finding insects I haven’t seen before!

Yesterday I came across this beautiful moth in our sunroom. I quickly grabbed my phone to take a photo! I’m not a moth expert, but I think it is a tiger moth from a genus (group) of moths called Utetheisa. I was so excited! And I was asking myself so many questions…is this a boy or a girl? Why is it coloured so brightly, to deter predators, attract a mate or something else? How did it end up here? Will my cat eat it? So many curious questions!

What makes you curious? Let’s head out into the garden to find out!

Find an object in your garden that you want to know more about. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Why is it interesting? Did your Mum or Dad, or brother or sister pick up something different? On a piece of paper, you might want to draw your curiosity, or write down words to describe it. Get mum or dad to take a photo and post it in the comments of our post on Facebook!

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