🦇 Tiny and the Red Mushroom 🦇

Hello Kids!

Tiny the Lesser Long-eared Bat here. Since I’ve been hanging out with Dr Jean at the Natural History Museum, I’ve been looking at nature really closely and carefully. Dr Jean says that I have been practising being CURIOUS. Ooooweee! Check out this photo of me with the tiniest red mushroom I’ve ever seen. It’s so cute and tiny (like me)! But I need some help to work out what it is.

I did an online search for “tiny red mushroom” and lots of images came up. Many of the photos showed unidentified mushrooms. After looking at Mushroom Observer  and Atlas of Living Australia I think it might be a Cruentomycena visciocruenta (that’s Latin, by the way).




But what do you think? Have you ever seen one of these tiny mushrooms? Do you think you could help me discover its species name? What words would you use to describe it?

Anyone else out there seen some cool tiny living things lately? Let’s explore using the activity sheet below!

Tiny and the Red Mushroom Worksheet (K-6)