It’s the Spotted-tailed Quoll!

Our mystery animal is the Spotted-tailed Quoll, also known as the Tiger Quoll! The scientific name of this animal is Dasyurus maculatus.

There are four species of quolls in Australia; the Spotted-tailed Quoll, the Western Quoll, the Northern Quoll, and the Eastern Quoll. The Spotted-tailed Quoll is the only species where the white spots on the body continues to the tail.

The Spotted-tailed Quoll was once common throughout south-eastern Australia. However, since European settlement quoll numbers have fallen. Threats to quolls include loss and fragmentation of habitat, predation by foxes and cats, poisoning by cane toads, and car collisions while they are feeding on the road-killed carcasses of other animals. Quolls can also be targeted and killed by landholders when they kill poultry such as chickens.

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