What Animal Am I?

It’s what animal am I Wednesday and this week’s guest is a very special part of our Natural History Museum collection. Let’s see what he has to say:

“Hello everyone! Can you guess who am?

I’m an Australian native marsupial that can be found in forests, woodlands and heaths of eastern Australia.

I have short legs, and a long tail.

My body is covered in coarse fur that is red-brown to dark brown, with white spots on my body that extend along my tail.

My underside can be grayish or creamy white.

I have a pointed snout, a moist pink nose and sharp teeth.

I am solitary (which means I spend a lot of time by myself) and I hunt mostly at night eating things like insects, crayfish, lizards, snakes, birds and small mammals.

I also will eat eggs and carrion (dead animals) such as kangaroos, pigs and dingoes.

Can you guess what I am?”

What animal do you think he might be? Use the worksheet below to draw your answer!

What Animal Am I Worksheet (K-10)
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