🦇Tiny in the NHM: Lightning Claw!!


Tiny the Lesser-long Eared Bat here. I’ve ventured out into the daylight just for you at home, so we can explore UNE’s Natural History Museum (NHM) together. Remember, I’m nocturnal, so I have wear my special bat-glasses so all the bright light doesn’t affect me!

Today in the NHM we’re checking out Lightning Claw!! At around 110 million years old, Lightning Claw appears to be the oldest megaraptorid (meaning huge thief) known. Our friend Dr. Phil Bell, a paleontologist from UNE, lead the study into the dinosaur with the help of the Australian Opal Centre in Lightning Ridge. Five bones from the megaraptorid were found in an opal mine in Lightning Ridge, NSW, and donated to the centre.

At around 7m long, Lightning Claw is the largest carnivorous (meat eating) dinosaur known from Australia and only the second in Australia known from more than a single bone. How amazing is that!!

Found in 2015, the dinosaur replica takes pride of place in our NHM, take a closer look in the video above!

Check out the links below for more information on Lightning Claw and fun activities you can do at home!

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