💉Stall Catchers💉

💉Want to help accelerate Alzheimer’s Research by playing an online game? Check this out! 💉
Today we’re voyaging over to our friends at EyesOnALZ, a citizen science project designed by researchers that is working with people worldwide to advance Alzheimer’s disease solutions.
“This project focuses on one aspect of the disease: reduced blood flow in the brain.
This symptom of Alzheimer’s has been known about for years, but, until now, nobody knew why reduced blood flow happens in the brain. Researchers are now finding a connection between blood flow and memory. We need your help for researchers to understand this relationship further.
You can help by playing a simple game: view short videos from the brains of mice and “catch” stalls. We will teach you how to score blood vessels as “flowing” or “stalled.” Even the most powerful computer technologies can’t do this accurately enough yet, but your keen eyes can help us process decades worth of data.”
Your participation can help scientists fully understand how stalls are contributing to Alzheimer’s and discover potential treatment targets, just through playing an online game!
Join 25683 other ‘catchers’ doing their bit at home to help with Alzheimer’s research. Check out the link below for more!
Stall Catchers Site