What Animal Am I?

It’s What Animal Am I Wednesday!

Let’s hear from this week’s guest.

“Why good morning! Thanks for having me today for ‘What Animal am I Wednesday’! Can you guess who I am?

I am Australia’s largest bird of prey, also known as a raptor, and have a very large wingspan of up to 2.3 metres!

You can find me all throughout mainland Australia and Tasmania, as well as southern New Guinea.

I love to eat rabbits and hares, and this will make up most of my diet, although I also eat some lizards and mammals – both dead and alive.

You might see my friends and I attending a carcass, but we make sure only 2 or 3 of us eat at any one time.

I have a characteristically shaped tail and love to soar high in the sky!

Can you guess who I am?”

If you think you know what this creature might be, use the activity sheet below to draw your answer!

What Animal Am I Worksheet (K-10)
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