🏛It’s International Museum Day!🏛

Today is the perfect time to reflect on the importance of museums not only as cultural and scientific archives, but as places of collaboration, discovery, reflection and play. The UNE Natural History Museum is the only museum of its kind between Sydney and Brisbane, providing communities in regional and rural areas access to a rich and diverse treasure trove of zoological, geological and botanical specimens.

The collection houses important research specimens that have been collected and studied to learn more about morphology, function, biodiversity and ecological processes. Through UNE Discovery, we use specimens such as insects, skeletons, taxidermied animals and fossils to engage and inspire school students from across the region.

The Museum space is a place for meeting, learning, curiosity, discovery and awe for both young and old. There is nothing quite like listening to the shrieks of young school children as they race about the museum, darting from cabinet to cabinet, orientating themselves and examining as many specimens as they can.

With free entry, and no cost for guided tours, the UNE Natural History Museum is an accessible resource for everyone in our community. The museum is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however you can still visit us virtually and have a guided tour with our very own Tiny the Lesser Long Eared bat! You can also delve into our specimens by playing along in our ‘What Animal Am I Wednesday’ series; the aim of the game is to guess an animal’s identity from a close up photo and some cryptic clues!

To discover more about the UNE Natural History Museum, head to the link below.


UNE Natural History Museum Website