🎨 Everyday Hero Colouring Competition

Our friends over at Creative New England have a new competition that might sate your colouring appetite!

The ‘Everyday Hero Colouring Competition’ is being run alongside the ‘Be a Better Human Initiative’, which aims to encourage a culture of respect, empathy and support.

The team would love your help drawing some attention to this campaign. All you have to do is follow the link below to find one of two colouring options and get creative.

There will be six overall winners for the competition, each will receive a $50 voucher from Reader’s Companion (for those who don’t know it is a fantastic local bookstore – and you can order online).

So, grab some colouring utensils, the kids, the parents, the in-laws and the partners and get creating!

Here is a little secret, you can enter multiple times, so you can do both colouring options! Check out more below!

Creative New England Colouring Competition