👩‍🏫TEACHERS! Are you interested in a free LEGO® Education Webinar series?

Our friends over at Modern Teaching Aids have put together an amazing webinar series designed for teachers to get a better understanding of SPIKE™ Prime, EV3, and WeDo 2.0.
Each webinar runs for 45 minutes and will be hosted by one of Modern Teaching Aids certified LEGO® Education Academy Teacher Trainers.
Here’s an overview of the 3 webinars in the series.

Build Confidence with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

During this webinar, you will be taken through;

  • A curriculum-aligned lesson, exploring how quick and easy it is to build and start programming
  • Key learning outcomes for students
  • Tips and tricks of classroom management using SPIKE Prime
  • The various units that include: Life Hacks, Kickstart a Business, Invention Squad, and Competition Ready

Programming the EV3 with Python – The Initial Steps

During this webinar, you will be taken through;

  • What resources/programs are needed to code the EV3 with Python
  • Examples of what online resources are available to support you to learn Python.
  • Cover some simple coding examples and learning strategies that will allow you to develop your confidence in using and teaching Python with the EV3.

Please note, the focus of this webinar is not to teach you Python, but it will act as a guide to enable you to learn more.

An introduction to LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

During this webinar, you will be taken through;

  • An overview of the hardware including motors and sensors
  • The easy to use drag and drop software
  • How you can teach science using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0
  • Explore ideas on how to run and facilitate hands-on lessons using the project-based lesson plans
  • Look at the curriculum relevance of the materials linked to the Australian Science and Digital Technologies Curriculum
  • Get classroom management tips
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