🖍Do your curious young ones like bingo?

Here’s a fun game you can play at home or school to discover what animals are in your yard!

The goal is to find as many plants or animals as you can around your house or school.

First of all, we need to head over to the Atlas of Living Australia to search for the living things in our neighbourhood. Using the “Explore Your Area” search you can enter your house or school address to search for the living things that have been recorded in your area.

I limited my search to a one km radius, which gave me 201 species of living things around my house! I decided to make my first bingo list with the 10 mammals that have been spotted around my place (but you can pick whichever group you like! Maybe you might like to start with the first 10 birds on the list). And now to start our game! Even if you don’t spot all of the animals on your list, it is fascinating to learn about the living things that have been seen in your part of the world!


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