What Animal Am I?

It’s What Animal Am I Wednesday!

Let’s hear from this week’s guest.

“Hello! Thanks for inviting me to be the mystery guest today! Can you guess who I am?

I am an Australian native who lives in many parts of Australia. I can be found in coastal heaths, forests, woodlands, and grasslands. I am also very happy to live around people in their backyards, in places like rockeries, pipes and under houses.

My body is pale silvery-grey to brown in colour. I have broad dark brown or blackish bands across my back and tail. I can grow to nearly 60cm long. My legs are quite short and I move with a bit of a waddle.

A big hint for you is that I have a blue tongue that I will stick out at you if you frighten me!

Can you guess who I am?”

If you think you know what this creature might be, use the activity sheet below to draw your answer!

What Animal Am I Worksheet (K-10)
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