🐦 The Fairywren Project

If you looked out the window right now, would you see one of our winged friends flying in to visit? Warbling magpies, clumsy galahs, hopping fairywrens, cheeky cockatoos, busy bower birds….and the list goes on.

The Fairywren Project is looking for citizen scientist partners across Australia to help collect observations of fairywrens and their various plumages (feathers). If you enjoy seeing these colourful hippity-hoppity wrens playing and singing in your garden, you might like to record your observations and help this project’s Australia wide study.

On The Fairywren Project’s website you’ll be introduced to ten different species of fairywren and how to distinguish a male from a female, juveniles from adults and so on.

To learn more, and to be involved head to the link below.

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