Our mystery guest is the Parma Wallaby!

Our mystery guest is the Parma Wallaby!
The scientific name of this animal is 埠蛤h氣h毋喫埠梗塔 梗h喫氣.
You might see the scientific name of the Parma Wallaby given as h毋喫埠梗塔 梗h喫氣. Sometimes living things can have several different scientific names. This can happen as scientists discover more about the how living things have evolved, and how they are related to other living things.
Sometimes after a discovery, scientists will re-sort a plant or animal into a different grouping and may change the name of a species.
But what happens to the old name? It becomes what we call a synonym. A synonym of a species is a different scientific name that refers to the same species.
So, for our beautiful Parma Wallaby, it’s accepted scientific name is 埠蛤h氣h毋喫埠梗塔 梗h喫氣, and h毋喫埠梗塔 梗h喫氣 is a synonym.

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