🦋Butterflies Australia

Has UNE Discovery every brought our ‘Plants, Poop, and Pollinators’ activity out to your school?

Butterflies are important pollinators for many plants but there are still lots of things scientists would like to know about these beautiful insects.

Butterflies Australia is a citizen science project that launched in October 2019 to ask people to submit photos of butterflies from all over Australia. Even though butterflies might be a bit harder to find right now (they are still out there though!), it’s the perfect time to brush up on your butterfly knowledge and get ready for a butterfly filled spring!

Join us in our quest to learn more about Australia’s butterflies. Despite being much-loved, butterflies haven’t received a lot of attention in the past, and there are many basic things about them we don’t know, like what the limits of many species ranges are, or whether they are declining. Download our free app and let us know what butterflies live in your area.

To learn more, and to be involved head to the link below.

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