🔎 Be a Dead Tree Detective!

Have you ever flown over the New England, peered out the window and been dismayed by the number of dead trees dotting the landscape? It’s not only during times of drought that we see dead or dying trees.
Western Sydney University’s project, The Dead Tree Detective, is run in association with the University of New England. Its aim is to collect observations of dead or dying trees around Australia. Your observations can help in monitoring the health of trees and ecosystems.
Knowing where and when trees have died can help scientists to work out causes of death, those trees which are particularly vulnerable, and ways to protect them.
If you live on some land or like to go bushwalking, and you have access to a smartphone with camera and GPS, you can participate in this project.
Head to The Dead Tree Detective’s website to read all about this project and how you can get involved.

Curious? Head to the link below to learn more and join!

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