🦔Want to be an Echidna Detective?

Have you got what it takes to be an Echidna Detective?
Echidna CSI is a citizen science project that is looking for Echidnas all across Australia but they need your help! Echidnas are notoriously hard to find (when you’re looking for them), but we know people spot echidnas all the time by the side of the road, on bushwalks, or even on their properties.
With the Echidna CSI App you can submit your sightings of echidnas and echidna tracks to help researchers get a better idea of echidna populations around Australia! If you really want to help you can even collect some echidna scat (aka. Poop), to send in for chemical analysis! By analysing the scats the Echidna CSI team can collect echidna DNA and measure hormone levels to find out if the echidna that left it is stressed or happy, or is the parent to some baby echidnas! The goal of this project is to find out as much about Australia’s echidnas without having to use trackers or catch them.
If you love these spiky Australian Icons and want to help with some echidna research, head to the link below to find out more!

Curious? Head to the link below to learn more and join!

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