🐦 Ooooh what’s that bird?

If you get excited by spotting different birds in your garden, here’s a great program to get involved in.

Birds in Backyards is a research, education and conservation program of BirdLife Australia focused on the birds that live where people live. You can get involved by becoming a member, and taking part in their online surveys. Undertaking a backyard survey of the birds you can spot will take just 20 minutes four times a year.

Head to the Birds in Backyards website to read all about this program and how you can participate. You will find some tips on how to make bird friendly spaces in your garden and local community. There is also a handy bird finder tool.

What a wonderful way to find out more about Australian birds and their habitats!

Curious? Head to the link below to learn more and join!

Get Involved Here
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