🦉 Do you have a backyard full of feathered friends?

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is an activity for all-ages that involves observing and counting the birds that live near you. It could be in your garden, the local park, a beach, or even your town centre. By counting all the birds you’ve seen within a 20 minute period, you will help BirdLife Australia develop an understanding of local birds, whilst getting to know the wildlife on your doorstep!

Birdlife Australia is the nation’s largest bird conservation organization and have been running the Backyard Bird count since 2014. The 2020 Bird Count is running from October 19-25 and you can count as many times as you like!
Head on over to the Birdlife Australia website to register and download the app to get ready for counting.

To be involved, check out the link below!
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