What Animal Am I?

Let’s hear from this week’s guest. Hi there! Nice to meet you. Can you guess who I am? I’m a well-travelled little critter. My species originally occurred on the Iberian Peninsula (in Spain and Portugal) and in parts of France. We then ventured into North Africa and Britain, and later moved into central and north-eastern Europe. We were introduced into Australia during European settlement, and have found our way to New Zealand, Chile and Argentina, as well as more than 800 islands throughout the world! That’s some frequent flyer points for sure! I am a small mammal with grey-brown fur and a pale belly. I have long hind legs and short front legs. My ears are long and I have large, slightly bulging eyes, one on each side of my head. I have a very famous relative called Peter. Can you guess who I am?

If you think you know what this creature might be, use the activity sheet below to draw your answer!

What Animal Am I Worksheet (K-10)