🌾 WOW – Wild Orchid Watch

🌾 Going wild for wild orchids! 🌾
Now that travel has opened up within Australia, so too have opportunities for exploring our incredible flora and fauna.
Are you a keen orchid enthusiast or bush-walker? Then Wild Orchid Watch (WOW) is the citizen science project for you! WOW is a project designed to collect, record and share scientific information about Australian native orchids.
To join in this project you will need a mobile phone so that you can install the WOW app. For details about how to do this, and for more information about the project, head to https://www.wildorchidwatch.org/
You might also like to check out some of Australia’s beautiful orchids on WOW’s facebook page @WildOrchidWatch and instagram #wildorchidwatch .
To be involved, check out the link below!
Learn more about Wild Orchid Watch here
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