🐠 Virtual Reef Diver

Do you want to do more for our Great Barrier Reef but need a way to contribute from home?
Check out this amazing citizen science project and be involved for the chance to win a GoPro!
Virtual Reef Diver is a collaboration between scientists, managers, citizens, data analysts, marine explorers and reef operators working together to record, analyse and predict coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef.
The aim of the project is to tap into the power of citizen science to dramatically increase the amount of monitoring data within the Great Barrier Reef, and then translate these crowd-sourced data into valuable information that managers can use to make better decisions.
You can help classify hard coral found in underwater images submitted by professional monitoring teams, reef operators, and citizens so that this data can be used to predict coral cover across the Great Barrier Reef.
We think that’s a pretty worthy cause for some extra screen time!


Learn more about Virtual reef Diver here
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