Armidale CoLab Maker Space project update!

You might remember earlier this year we announced that we’d been successful in securing a Federal Government grant through Inspiring Australia, and in partnership with Armidale City Public School, Armidale Regional Council and Settlement Services International (phew! That was a mouthful!).

In Term 1 this year we ran THE BUTCHER’S CONUNDRUM, a Girls in STEM program that immersed 14 local students in Years 9 and 10 in the process of solving a mystery of unidentified meat samples. The students followed protocols that genetic researchers and forensics officers use to identify illegal specimens, samples and stories.

COVID-19 put a spanner in the works this year, restricting access to the great space at Armidale City Public School, and creating uncertainty as to the programs on offer in the future. But during this time, an exciting development has led to planning for 3D printing workshops! That planning includes the acquisition of three new 3D printers that range from an entry level prototype and learning model, right up to a you-beaut Markforged Onyx One printer from Digital Colour right here in Armidale.

The Maker & Breaker space at Armidale City Public School is getting a makeover, and soon workshops that combine 3D printing with other construction techniques will be available for community members. Keep your eyes peeled! And in the meantime, get dreaming about what you’d create with a 3D printer and check out Dr Kieran’s ‘How to Create Almost Anything’ story!