Farewell 2021, Hello Holidays!

The UNE Discovery team would like to say a great big thanks for sticking with another challenging year of uncertainty, steep learning curves about lockdowns, travel and virus transmission, and the enduring human spirit of curiosity.

Over the past two years UNE has undergone an initiative called “Time for Change”, a complete rethink and restructure of the organisational structure and workforce. During this time many people chose to end their time at the University and many took on new roles in novel areas. The newly created pillar under which external engagement will live is called Brand, Partnerships and Business Development, and it is yet to be structured, which means we are not able to say for certain how the coming year will unfold for UNE Discovery.

We know that everyone has become experts at finding fun, educational and original online content to keep our brains alive and making new neural connections, and UNE Discovery’s online content is ALWAYS AVAILABLE to you! Link from our website or go directly to:

We thank you for the connections we have made online as covid wove its way through our towns and cities and interrupted our wonderful school visits.

We wish you all the very safest and happy holidays and celebration of togetherness.

Yours in STEAM,
The UNE Discovery Team