Voyager New Activities: Escape Rooms and Crime Scenes

Image: Pexels, Kadir Avşar

We are very excited to offer two new activities from Term 2 in 2023.  Escape the Museum is our portable escape-room style activity which includes some challenges and puzzles that students will need to solve to find their way out of a locked museum before time runs out. Using imagination, logic and problem solving, students will work within a small group and immerse themselves in an imaginary museum. After wandering off from the main tour our groups have found themselves locked in one of the back rooms! The students must decipher codes hidden in museum blueprints, the periodic table, and some curious animal specimens to figure out how to escape the room. The last bus will leave in 40 minutes – can they get out before then? This is a great activity for anyone looking to build problem solving skills and analytical reasoning.

We also have a new Crime Scene Investigation: Forensics activity which will delve into the world of forensic science with a “Who Dunnit” style activity.  This activity will present students with a mystery, and in order to solve it students will need to collect and analyse evidence including fingerprints, trace evidence (e.g. soil, footprints, or hair), and even looking for now-invisible “bloodstains” using real-life forensic chemicals. This forensics activity features age-appropriate mysteries to solve, which vary slightly for different year levels. Much like our Escape Room, it promotes analytical reasoning and problem solving while having as much fun as possible!