Earth Science out and about!

Do you need a fix of earth science? Do you have a craving to see some lava? Do you want to check out some crystals and fossils up close? UNE Discovery has got you covered from the 7th-9th of March!

Sci-Flicks: “Volcano” – Thu 7th March

On Thursday the 7th March, UNE Discovery’s own team leader and Geologist Dr. Kieran Meaney will be speaking at the first Sci-Flicks event for 2024. Sci-Flicks is a monthly event held at the Belgrave cinema in Armidale where a movie with a scientific theme is paired with a local specialist in the field. Previous Sci-Flicks events have included “Finding Nemo” with marine biologist Chris Guppy, “Arrival” with linguists Dr Sally Dixon and Dr Piers Kelly, and of course “Jurassic Park” with Dr Phil Bell and Dr Nic Campione. 

At every Sci-Flicks, the speaker gives a short introduction to the science on show in the movie, and then after the screening answers audience questions which are usually about how realistic certain aspects of the movie were. 

Kieran is delighted to be invited to speak alongside “Volcano” (1997), which stars Tommy Lee Jones as Los Angeles tries to deal with a sudden volcanic eruption in the middle of the city. This movie promises to be an interesting thought experiment in not just how lava interacts with infrastructure, but also how movies shape scientific ideas in pop culture and scientific (mis)understanding.

Come along at 6pm on Thursday, 7th March, at the Belgrave Cinema to hear Kieran discuss everything the movie gets right, and wrong, in Volcano.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future Sci-Flicks events throughout the year.

For more Earth Science fun, see our story on the Minerama Fossicking, Gem & Jewellery Show, where the UNE Discovery Voyager team will be on 8th-9th March 2024.