Minerama 2024: Fri 8th – Sat 9th March

UNE Discovery is thrilled to be returning to Minerama in 2024. Minerama is a 3-day fossicking, gem, and jewellery show held at the Glen Innes showgrounds between Friday 8th March to Sunday 10th March.

On Friday the 8th, UNE Discovery will be offering Earth Science themed activities for any visiting school groups that are going along to check out the rocking good time. This will include Discovery’s geology activity “Think Like A Rock”, the mathematical paleontology activity “Weighing Giants” and the newly refurbished “Palaeontology Puzzles” activity.  Schools in the local area will be contacted by the Minerama team for bookings.

On Saturday the 9th, UNE Earth Science academics will be joining the Discovery Team to present our regular interactive display of fossils, rocks, fossils, and gemstones. UNE geologists and palaeontologists who know all about life on our planet and the history of the local landscapes will be there to answer your questions. This will be the perfect opportunity to ‘Ask an Expert’ if there is any geological curiosity that you have encountered and would like to know more about. Please bring it along to ask us all about it!

Please note that the Ask an Expert stall will only be running on Saturday, so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to scratch the curiosity itch!

For more information about what else to expect, visit the Minerama website: https://minerama.com.au/