Our activities

The UNE Discovery Voyager has developed a range of activities across all subjects to bring to your schools! We work with scientists and educators from the University of New England to bring you activities that are not only fun and educational, but that align with the NSW school curriculum. Many also extend the Primary Connections and Science by Doing programs.


Our dynamic team can tailor lessons to suit students of all ages and abilities, differentiating their teaching approach and rapidly building a rapport with students. We are passionate about curiosity-driven learning, and our activities are exploratory and play-based. For older students, this includes collecting their own observational and experimental data to answer questions posed in the classroom.  We encourage kids to get outside, get their hands dirty, and direct their own learning – to observe, question, investigate and discover.


In 2019 we have a range of new activities coming! Stay turned to learn more about: Poop, Plants and Pollinators, Smart Farming: From the Ground Up, Astrometrics and Thinkershields.