In our digital age, new technologies are changing the way we live, communicate and work, and coding is key to understanding, navigating and manipulating this new world around us. From the dials on your dishwasher to the phone in your pocket, coding works behind the scenes to make our everyday lives more seamless, convenient and efficient. In this activity, students will learn the basic principles of coding, using computational thinking to break down complex instructions into small steps. They will program their own robots to navigate their way through different environments, exploring how humans can use automated machines to discover inaccessible places, and carry out tasks requiring accuracy and precision.

This activity aligns with and extends concepts and content within the K-6 Science and Technology syllabus. The science focus is on working technologically and aligns with the Digital Technologies strand as well as exploring knowledge and understanding related to the Living World, Material World and Earth and Space strands. Students will use imagination and role-play to explore concepts (Creative Arts – Drama).

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