Escape the Museum

During an exciting visit to the Natural History Museum at UNE, you and your friends wander off from the tour group. A door slams shut behind you and you find yourself trapped in a strange storeroom. The last bus will leave in 30 minutes, can you figure out how to escape before then?

Escape the Museum is a logic puzzle-based activity presented in the style of an escape room. Escape rooms require abstract problem solving, and even figuring out which order to solve the puzzles in can be a puzzle in itself. Throughout the activity, students need to use their creativity to come up with novel solutions to solve a series of confounding puzzles to find the final key that lets them escape. Clues are hidden in objects typical of a natural history museum, such as the periodic table, geological timescale, animal specimen tags, and much more. All of the puzzles are rooted in real scientific discoveries, and participants may find themselves learning a few surprising facts about the natural world along the way. The difficulty of the puzzles is scaled to the stage and abilities of the students participating in the activity.

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