Magic of Physics

What is the difference between magic and science? Using science, we can make things float in the air, see things that are otherwise invisible, and control different aspects of the world around us using different types of energy. Sounds like magic to us! So, what is the real difference? A magician will keep their secrets, while a scientist will tell you how the ‘trick’ is done.

In this hands-on, play based activity, students will use scientific principles to learn how to do science tricks that look a lot like ‘magic’. Many of these will be tricks students can easily take away and try out at home or in the classroom. Students will use the properties of light, sound, magnetism, and other physical forces to create astonishing ‘magical’ effects with in their very own hands.

The Magic of Physics aims to inspire students by showing that feeling awe and the beauty about the natural world does not need to rely on mystery. Knowing how something works – and being able to use that knowledge – makes the world a more magical place.

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