Can we really train the 100 billion neurons that make up our brains? Neuroscientists are working towards understanding how some traumatic brain injury victims can experience incredible and often unexpected recoveries. The explanation behind the magic? Neuroplasticity. In this activity, students will explore neuroplasticity and how we can re-wire our brains to adapt to new circumstances. Students will use sensory deprivation target training to stimulate new neural connections and ‘train their brains’, before tapping into their sub-conscious to control the brain’s response to exercise. Using state-of-the-art brain sensing technology, we then highlight the importance of breathing and mindfulness in the classroom, providing students with techniques to alter physiological and emotional responses to stress, producing an associated confidence to apply such techniques to their everyday lives.

This activity aligns with and extends concepts and content within the 7-10 Science, PDHPE and Technology Mandatory syllabuses. The science focus aligns with the Living World strand.

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