Our team

We are scientists, science communicators and educators passionate about sharing our knowledge in new and exciting ways.  We all like to explore, play and ask lots of questions, so we lead by example, encouraging students to do the same!

Kirsti Abbott

BSc (Hons), PhD, Grad Cert Higher Ed

Kirsti leads the UNE Discovery program, having come from an academic background in invasion ecology research and management, and teaching scientific practice and communication. She finds herself bridging the traditional academic-outreach roles at universities, learning and playing alongside students ranging from age 2 to 92 in schools, universities and the School of Ants Australia.  In her role as program leader, she aims to improve links between university and our region, and enhance opportunities for innovative learning in regional NSW.

Anita Brown

BA, Dip Ed

As a drama, english and history teacher, Anita has learned how students of all ages can be switched on to learning through doing and experiencing. She loves the creative process, where students can take risks, make discoveries for themselves and take ownership of what they have discovered. Her favourite classroom phrases are, “Ooh, I’ve got an idea!” and “Oh right, I get it!”  Anita brings to the Discovery team her own passion for appreciating and nurturing the natural world, as well as an unquenchable curiosity for finding out things.

Jean Holley

BSc (Hons), PhD

Jean is our bookings coordinator, but also an insect ecologist who finds insects utterly enthralling.  She’s continually amazed that these little creatures are living, breathing animals that perceive and react to their environment and to each other! If Jean can change just one person’s view from aversion to appreciation for these wonderful creatures, it’s a good day. She brings her appreciation and understanding of the natural world to Discovery in order to help children value how intricate ecosystems fit together, have fun and think critically about their place in the world.

Imogen Semmler

BA (Hons), BEc, M Intl Comm

Imogen has had an extensive and successful career in the arts as a creative producer, artist and programmer across festivals, theatre, public art and conferences to name a few, before following her passion for ecology and the environment. She recently completed a Bachelor of Ecology at UNE, and is particularly interested in the health of soil and landscapes in agroecosystems. Imogen is a big advocate of STEAM powered learning, and believes that artistic processes can open up opportunities in science education, and help us view complex concepts and ideas through different lenses. Imogen designs sustainable gardens and grows food for herself and others; she also creates composting systems and uses permaculture and regenerative agriculture techniques to manage landscapes for farmers. You can find Imogen continuing to make art, and combining it with ecology and agriculture in “An artist, a farmer and a scientist walk into a bar….” Project through the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation. Read more by clicking here.

Kieran Meaney

BSc(Hons), PhD

Kieran is a Geologist with two main passions; rocks, and telling people about rocks. He loves how even the smallest details of rocks can reveal the big, billion year stories of how the earth works and why it’s all here. Kieran discovered his love of communicating science while volunteering at Adelaide Zoo, and working with the committee of the Adelaide chapter of the Young Scientists of Australia (YSA), and has been following that love of engaging the youth of Australia in science ever since. In the last few years he has taught science in one form or another to everyone from primary school to university students, and loves watching the “ah ha!” moment when someone clicks and puts everything together. When he isn’t trying to convince people that rocks are cool, you may find him in his shed polishing gemstones to prove that they are!

Phil Spark

BSc (Hons), Dip Ed, MSc, MEd

Phil has had a diverse range of teaching experiences with primary, secondary and university students in Australia and internationally. Prior to joining the UNE Discovery Voyager team, he spent 12 years in part at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre in Bendigo, Victoria, as an education programmer and facilitator where he ran workshops, public shows and shared many exciting discoveries in the universe and day to day space activities in the Bendigo Planetarium. Phil aims to facilitate learning in a way that the learner can explore science and the world around them in meaningful and engaging ways that tap into their interests and desires.