The Voyager Team believe playful learning experiences arenโ€™t limited to the classroom, and have developed a series of online play-based activities to send across the ether to you. Explore online interactives, science play videos, citizen science projects, UNE Natural History Museum explorations and many more resources to fuel the curious mind.

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UNE Natural History Museum

Join us as we explore UNE’s Natural History Museum with Tiny and friends.

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Friends and Partners

Explore links to our friends and partners where you will find activities, videos and other explorations to fuel the curious mind.

  • UNE Discovery Voyager, in collaboration with Dr Oliver Knox, the UNE SMART Farms and CottonInfo invite you to SOIL YOUR UNDIES!

  • National Science Week is Australiaโ€™s annual celebration of science and technology. Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by univers

  • Using Robotify students have access to the latest and greatest robots without having to ever purchase real hardware. The team can give students access to robots and environments that have never been a

  • A few weeks ago, we announced Chandler Public School (K-2) as the winner of the Term 2 LEGO Construction Challenge. The amazing LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set, kindly donated by our friends at Modern

  • Here's a fun game you can play at home or school to discover what animals are in your yard! The goal is to find as many plants or animals as you can around your house or school.

  • Thanks to our friends at Modern Teaching Aids, you can win this fantastic STEM Education kit for your class through our LEGO Construction Challenge. But what is LEGO SPIKE Prime? Check out the video t

  • Our friends over at Creative New England have a new competition that might sate your colouring appetite!

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Curiosity Series

Is there something you or your kids and students are really curious about? Us too! Voyage with us as we explore our curiosities and work together to find answers to our questions.

  • Basalt is a rock that comes in many forms, but how does this volcanic rock move through the crust? Join George as he wraps up his trip to Port Macquarie by checking out these cracks in the rocks that

  • Play along with Andrea as she shows us how simple it is to make satisfying slime at home - it's all in the science!

  • Honeycomb weathering is a cool surface texture that forms on rocks near the beach. But why only at the beach? Join George as he brings us a bonus video from his trip to Port Macquarie and takes a look

  • As summer progresses, I have found many dead cicadas around our property. Most of these will become food for other animals, and contribute to nutrient cycling. I have managed to salvage a few and, wit

  • George has found his favourite rock ever! Blueschist is an extremely rare rock, but not for the reason you think.

  • On 21 December 2020 (22nd for us in Australia), Jupiter and Saturn will appear the closest together in the night sky in 400 years. The two planets will be so close that they will appear to form a "dou

  • This year we've had so much fun making science play videos that we thought we'd share some bloopers and best bits!

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Citizen Science

Are you keen to work with scientists to help gather data and answer real-world questions?

Explore our collection of citizen science projects that the whole family can be involved in.

  • The 2020 Soil Your Undies challenge was a huge success, with over 200 pairs of undies being buried around Australia. In case you missed the excitement last year, the Soil Your Undies Challenge is a co

  • Do you want to do more for our Great Barrier Reef but need a way to contribute from home? Check out this amazing citizen science project and be involved for the chance to win a GoPro!

  • If you are situated anywhere in NSW right now, or perhaps any place where Summer has arrived, you would be familiar with the magnificent chorus of cicadas that are filling the summer airwaves. Some da

  • What a bumper cicada season we've had! The loud calls of the males fill the air with the distinctive sounds of summer. But despite their unmistakable and familiar calling, not a lot is known about the

  • Are you a keen orchid enthusiast or bush-walker? Then Wild Orchid Watch (WOW) is the citizen science project for you! WOW is a project designed to collect, record and share scientific information abou

  • Do you love Galaxies that are far, far away? If your answer is a big YES, then the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research needs your help!

  • Wherever you are in Australia, if you have found some poor creatures caught up, reporting the instance can be helpful in minimising the suffering of the creature, maximising the chance of a successful

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