Due to the evolving nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are postponing upcoming Term 2 and holiday visits to schools and communities as we put in place safety practices to protect our students, teachers and staff.

BUT, this won’t stop our talented team of scientists and science communicators from providing fun, interactive, play based resources to help you and your young scientists STEAM into the future!

Over the coming weeks we will be posting activities, links and ideas to play and learn at home or wherever you may be. From virtually exploring our Natural History Museum with Discovery’s much loved character, Tiny, to collecting different things around the house to make exciting chemical reactions, our online resources are sure to feed the curious mind!

Join us on a virtual adventure as we take play based science, technology, engineering, arts and maths across the ether to you.

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UNE Natural History Museum

Join us as we explore UNE’s Natural History Museum with Tiny and friends.

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Friends and Partners

Explore links to our friends and partners where you will find activities, videos and other explorations to fuel the curious mind.

  • Here's a fun game you can play at home or school to discover what animals are in your yard! The goal is to find as many plants or animals as you can around your house or school.

  • Thanks to our friends at Modern Teaching Aids, you can win this fantastic STEM Education kit for your class through our LEGO Construction Challenge. But what is LEGO SPIKE Prime? Check out the video t

  • Our friends over at Creative New England have a new competition that might sate your colouring appetite!

  • This year our wonderful friends across UNE will be offering a mix of live and pre-recorded videos, activities and live Q & A sessions with UNE and specialist lecturers who will present in the Maths, S

  • Today we’re voyaging over to our great friends at Questacon!

  • Today we’re voyaging over to our friends at the Wetlands Environmental Education Centre who are running a research challenge for Stage 3 students!

  • Check out this fantastic competition by our friends over at Landcare Australia!

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Curiosity Series

Is there something you or your kids and students are really curious about? Us too! Voyage with us as we explore our curiosities and work together to find answers to our questions.

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Citizen Science

Are you keen to work with scientists to help gather data and answer real-world questions?

Explore our collection of citizen science projects that the whole family can be involved in.

  • Our friends over at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory have an awesome citizen science project you can be involved in!

  • Over 46,000,000 acres burnt in the 2019-2020 bushfire season in eastern Australia, including South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Understanding how the environment recovers from

  • Want to help accelerate Alzheimer’s Research by playing an online game? Check this out!

  • We’re voyaging over to our friends at the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) to explore April as Global CitSciMonth!

  • Follow along with Andréa as she undertakes the Wild Pollinator Count in her backyard, and shows just how easy it is for you to do the same!

  • You can join Australia's original pollinator citizen science project between 12-19 of April to help count wild pollinators in your local environment and help build the database on wild pollinator acti

  • JOIN Australia's original pollinator citizen science project between 12-19 of April to help Dr Manu Saunders from UNE count wild pollinators in your local environment and help build a database on wild

View all citizen science resources here