Soil Your Undies Burial Time

Soil Your Undies Burial Time!

For our 2021 Soil Your Undies Challenge, the burying of our undies is taking place during National Science Week, 14-21 August 2021.

How do we bury our undies, you may ask? We’ve put together a video and a ‘how to’ guide (see links below) explaining everything you need to know about the great undie burial. Don’t forget to mark your burial location with the hand-made Soil Your Undies flag – and check out those stray cotton fibres on the edges of the fabric. We left the flag a little frayed so you could get a good look at that all-important cotton that your undies are made from. We will be taking a closer look at fabric fibres in Educational Checkpoint 1.

Don’t forget to also mark on your data sheet the size of undies that you are burying, and the date that you buried them. We will be taking a closer look at our data collection in Educational Checkpoint 3.

To be eligible for the participation prize, organising individuals must submit between four to six photos of their Soil Your Undies journey with their children/students, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. For school groups in locked down areas, we will amend our photo submission requirements to include photographs of the undies pre- and post- burial, the burial site, and images of the data collected during the educational checkpoints.

As participants are under the age of 18 years, they are required to obtain their parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter the challenge and agree to these terms, and will be deemed to have obtained such permission by submitting photo entries. You’ll find our image release form here for your convenience. This does not need to be returned to UNE Discovery. If your school uses alternate means of obtaining permission, please feel free to use your own methods.

8 weeks from the date you bury your undies and 1 week after National Cotton Day, we will be digging them up again to examine just how much of our cotton undies are left.Enjoy the burial and stay curious!

How to Bury Your Undies PDF
Download image release form
Soil Your Undies calendar
Terms & Conditions (main page)